Valentina is a 17 year old blogger, creator of ValDaily, her initial idea when creating this blog was to share events in her daily life. However, as time went on she discovered herself as well as many skills she did not know she had. That lead to a relaunching of the new site.  Therefore, this blog is now mainly all about her life and how she sees the world. From photo shoots, weekend trips, photography, inspiration, fashion and brands that she loves. Valentina has many ideas that will unfold in time as far as content goes therefore join in for a day to day insight to her life!

For business inquiries: email at vvgomm@gmail.com

Please note that if you are a business looking to collaborate just send an email. Valentina is willing to review products or just promote your company. Ads and specific posts can be put up upon request. Anything that is reviewed or promoted will only intend in her honest opinion about the product or company. Note that she has chosen to do this so that her viewers get the best information/tips.

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