Highlights of 2016


2016 brought so many changes and unexpected surprises in my life and I couldn't be happier with all the great things that occurred throughout the year. With that said I wanted to share with you all what my year looked like:


~ Began the year going back in time and shooting a 1940s look with my photographer to start the year!

~Val Daily got it's first ever makeover!

~Started the year off second semester of senior year in High School.

~Modeled for my first Bridal Show, got to wear a 30,000 Swarovski crystal dress!

~As a model I got my first digitals for my agency taken (not gonna lie, made me feel pretty important!)

~Got to partner up with Sand Cloud towels and be sent their most awesome product : their glass water bottle.

~No better way to start a basic year than by receiving Skinny Teatox...that's when you know you've made it on Instagram.

~Many of firsts in January, I shot my first campaign in the streets of New York City for Mirina Collections.

~I also made it on to the wall of the Salon I have worked for and currently go to, Thanks a lot ladies for putting me up on your wall of fame! @L'EleganceSalon.


~I attended NEW YORK FASHION WEEK '16 !!! Still can't believe this happened and I will be back in February of 2017.

~I found myself on another wall! Mirina Collections framed one of the photos from the shoot and put it up on their office walls.

~I saw Vance Joy live in my state and got to be in the third row.

~Collaborated with Pineal Vision Jewelry, love her handmade jewelry check here.


~Boy, March started off pretty busy, I modeled for Lord & Taylor and was able to be part of their prom section debut.

~Did a prom photoshoot which was one of the most glam shoots i have done so far!

~Spent Easter with my beautiful mother and took a day trip to the city like always.

~Thanks to Francesca's I was able to find all the dresses for my school events.


~The Birthday Month~

~Became a legal adult and took a trip down to Mexico with my mother.

~Got to partner with a ton of bathing suit companies: Zaful, Misguided and Frankie's Bikinis!

~Skin Aura was a company I collaborated with and fell in love with the products.

~As a legal adult I got to vote for state representatives.

~My Favorite partnership of the month: I partnered up with Aerie for a body positivity post on my instagram @valramm.


~I attended PROM! As a senior I went to Junior prom with a friend and the following week I went to my last prom ever.

~I collaborated with Les Collections my favorites ladies all the way from Spain.

~I committed to Quinnipiac University! Go Bobcats!!

~I was featured and written about in my town's newspaper for being a high school student with a modeling career as well as a blogger.

~My friends and I took part in senior skip day and headed to my friend Nicole's second home and spent the day there having a picnic.

~I attended the Honor Cord Ceremony that my high school held for completing certain classes over the past four years.

~My Senior Experience Project was presented, it was amazing being able to present my blog as my hobby as well as job!

~My AP Art show took place.


~Collaborated with Cacique Boutique to photograph this awesome white dress!

~I began college shopping and shopped til I dropped for my dorm (Thanks mom!)

~I WAS ON TV! The day before my graduation I was on CT Style a style show on NBC Connecticut.

~I graduated High School...Finally.

~The day after I graduated I jumped on the runway for a fashion show hosted by Yale University.

~I attended my college orientation!!

~Got to end the month by collaborating with Gova Swimwear, a swimwear company from my dear country Venezuela.


~Celebrated Fourth of July and my sister's birthday with friends and family.

~Collaborated with Romwe.com to photograph the dress below!

~Spent days back to back photographing all the swimwear Zaful.com sent me! 

~Collaborated with Bioxidea and was so excited since they have been reviewed by Vogue, Elle and more.

~Attended all my friend's graduation parties.

~Went to Fenway for the first time ever...sorry to my friends from Mass. but I'm a Yankees fan 100%.



~I became an Augusta Abyss brand ambassador...soo happy I was able to be a part of that brand.

~Attended the endless Hockey games thanks to having one of the best Hockey teams in the nation!

~Shein.com sent me some awesome goodies for moving into college.


~Collaborated with @LeStyle25 and will be doing some exciting collabs with her in 2017.

~My family took our annual fall pictures, where we go apple and pumpkin picking.

~Went to the city with my friend Brandon and got to see Olivier Rousteing at The Met.


~One of my dear roommates and I took some fall pictures outside as she got to experience her first New England fall since she's from Florida!

~I collaborated with Red Elephant Clothing and have been loving the goodies she sent me! Cmon, personalized yoga pants are as awesome as they sound.

~I shot a whole photoshoot for the Yale shops owned by Yale University as well as all the restaurants around Yale University.

~Halloween came around and I spent it with my roommates and friends.

~Did the last Bridal Show of the year, got to wear gowns imported from Italy all hand made.


~I received all the photos from the amazing Yale shoot!

~I VOTED!! #Proudtobeanamerican

~I was able to model for Quinnipiac University's new website.

~There was an article about me in CT Fashion Magazine.

~Teamed up with Coca Cola to promote their holiday promotion.


~My family and I took our annual Christmas pictures.

~I was mentioned in CT Fashion Magazine once again to talk about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

~Headed to NY for a very important meeting dealing with my modeling career! *fingers crossed* 2017 will bring even better news.

~Val Daily got it's most recent makeover! I hope you are all enjoying it, my next step is to buy the Val Daily domain.

~Attended Christmas dinner with my family and spent New Years at a great banquet with live music to ring in the new year.

It amazes me all the things I was able to accomplish throughout the year. I am certainly planning on doing this post once again after 2017 ends. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let the new year begin!
I hope you all started your new year on a good note and I wish you all happiness, success and health.

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