The MET X Olivier Rousteing


One of my favorite events to have attended over the fall time was the Olivier Rousteing and Alina Choo interview. This interview was held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. The best part of going to school in a city is being able to take the train into New York and be there in an instant. 
On this day I invited my friend Brandon to join me to experience this great interview with me. We met up after classes and shortly after we were on our way to the Met. Olivier Rousteing is unlike any other. His humor and honesty really made the interview seem more interactive and opinionated. 

I was so happy to be able to attend this glamorous event and what's a fashion event post without any outfit details? Above and below you can see a bit of my outfit unfortunately it was so dark out that it's hard to see all the pieces. What you can see if my French Connection leather jacket which i was so lucky to find at a Nordstrom Rack for such a steal! Underneath that i wore a plain black halter tank top paired with black textured Zara leggings. My favorite part of this whole outfit were my shoes! I was sent two pairs of booties from and one of the pairs are blue velvet all throughout the shoe. The heel is not too tall, only about 2-3 inches but since it's a chunky heel i could walk all around the city with no problem.

This was by far my favorite event to attend at the Met and be sure to stick around because I will be attending more events like these in the next year!

Fall 2016


Realizing that it is the second week of December makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because my favorite season is fall, there is just something about the air and the colors that makes me very happy to wake up to every day. As well as happy because it is now winter which means Christmas time is right around the corner...literally. 
As I look at all my christmas decorations I can't help but think of all the photographs I took over the fall time. That is why I'm dedicating a whole post to them just because! I do however have to step up my game on taking pictures this winter because I am really lacking in that department. Although, maybe all the fall time pictures will balance out the lack of photography for the past two season. 

Every year comes a new series of photographs. My family has made it a tradition to always go apple and pumpkin picking around the same time every year. This has become one of my favorite family traditions, not only because my family gets together but because of all the cute moments that are captured on camera.

Being in college for the first time has allowed me to make a ton of new little traditions. Especially with roommates and friends who are not from New England and this is their first time experiencing fall time. There is nothing better than seeing my friend's faces light up when they see a leaf pile or just simply stopping to take pictures of the foliage. I'm very lucky that I get to go to a University where the campus grounds are extremely well taken care off and the scenery is just breath taking.

College Move In Day 2016


2016 brought some great things to me, one of those being moving into my college dorm for freshmen year! I'm so thankful to have this opportunity because I personally really value education and I know that many people out there don't get to be as lucky.
With that said, my first semester of college is over. My last final was last Friday and by being home I started to do some self reflecting. I have realized how much has changed and how I have changed and progressed as a person in these past few months. 
Therefore, I wanted to share some images from the day I moved in and what my dorm room looks like from my side. As of a couple of weeks ago we actually rearranged the room so it looks a bit different. Let me know if any of you are interested in seeing an updated look on my dorm when I get back from winter break. 
Looking back at these photos amazes me how excited I was for the unexpected and it brings me a lot of happiness being able to say i'm so happy where I am.

The packing process was certainly on another level. I promise that for next year I will photograph the process to share with you all. My room turned out great, I love all the decorations I brought with me. If you are all still interested in seeing how my suite looks don't be afraid to let me know down below in the comments and I will upload a post all about living with seven other girls!
I hope you all liked seeing how my room turned out, I love being able to make posts like these that I can look back on and cherish.

Zaful Collaboration Pt. 2


While many of you know I love collaborating with brands and this is another segment to a post I had made previously "A Twist On The Little Black Dress". The dress below is from, while it is now winter time where I live I know that many of you will appreciate this post because of the weather in the cities many of you live.
This dress is a fun alternative to your average spring/summer maxi dress. It's great for family events or even a day out boating. The best part it's that the dress is a perfect combination between fun and flirty. It's a breezy material but also very outgoing style with two long slits on either side.

Don't forget to check out for more dresses just like this one and make sure to send me pictures if you do end up purchasing this item!



After seeing how many people enjoyed reading my last Food Guide post I decided to continue this series. Today's post includes yet another New York restaurant simply because I spend a lot of my time in the city. Plus, let's be real, New York has some of the best restaurants in the country.

On today's Food Guide I will be talking about an awesome restaurant which I discovered through Instagram. While this is no 5 star luxurious restaurant it's pretty darn great in all aspects. It's called Refinery Rooftop. Located on W 38th street, only 4 blocks away from Grand Central Station which is great for all of you who are not exactly familiar with New York. You can stay around a known location without going too far out.

This rooftop restaurant is certainly one of the many chic places to hang out at in the city. Keep in mind though that the kitchen is only open from 11:30am to 3:00pm. Anytime after 3pm is only for cocktails. Oh and the best part, this rooftop is open year round. That way you wont have to wait seasons to have a nice lunch or cocktails out in front of the empire state building.

A Twist On The Little Black Dress


Zaful offers a ton of different dresses for different occasions. Make sure you check out their site to shop more. Be on the look out for more post like these featuring apparel from Zaful.

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BIOXIDEA Collaboration


I was lucky enough to have been reached out by Bioxidea. This company is a skincare brand that has been featured on Elle, Allure and even Vogue. Here is what the company's about us page explains:

Bioxidea was founded in Paris in 2008 with a passion to create and develop natural anti-aging products that lift, plump, tighten and brighten. We are driven by a fundamental goal to improve lives by revolutionizing personal skincare using science and nature.
Through extensive bio research and our Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Technology™, we have fashioned first-class patented beauty products which deliver long-lasting effects by breaking the boundaries of science, technology and innovation.
Designed to move with the times, Bioxidea has been embraced for its powerful anti-aging effects and attention to every individual's beauty needs. We are 100% CRUELTY FREE (Not tested on animals).
- See more at:

When I first received the packaged I kind of freaked out over how adorable the packaging is designed. In addition to the amount of detail and thought that is evident through the whole package.

The first item I saw was the 'Outline Saver'. This product is to be used for your undereyes, lips, and fine lines around your lips and eyes. I actually only tried out the product on my lips and was so surprised by the results. It basically acted as a lip plumper for my lips and I love it. It wasn't itching or made my lips red like other products I have tried out.

The second product that was included in the package was the 'B.B+B'. I absolutely LOVE this product. I have to be honest, at first I honestly had no clue what this product did but thankfully you can find a ton of youtubers and reviews online about the products. I quickly learned that this product was simply a BB cream with more of illuminating finish than a color base. I have been using a single pump of this whenever I wake up and feel like my face needs more highlight or a wake me up. The product has a pink tone to it so it make you look a bit more flushed and naturally highlighted which is always a plus.

The last goody I found in my package were these 'Miracle 24' Masks. The pack came with 3 sheet masks which all hydrate and tug you skin to get a smoother looking finish. 

I'd really like to thank Bioxidea for sending me these goodies. They are certain a company I will be buying from in the future and I'm so happy I was able to try out and experiment with new products outside of my comfort zone.

To check out their site click here.

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