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My name is Valentina Ramirez, I have a blog ( and are a model for True Model Mgmt. in New York City. I am always willing to work together to promote your product/company. I have now worked with various companies from foods, to clothes, to jewelry. By doing so I have gained a lot of experience in the business of marketing.
I also love to promote companies on my social media. Such as my instagram: @Valramm and doing spotlights on stores and products on the bottom section of my blog.
Le me know if you are interested!

For business inquiries: email at

Please note that if you are a business looking to collaborate just send an email. Valentina is willing to review products or just promote your company. Ads and specific posts can be put up upon request. Anything that is reviewed or promoted will only intend in her honest opinion about the product or company. Note that she has chosen to do this so that her viewers get the best information/tips.


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Frankies bikinis
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To Purchase this romper click HEREE.

To purchase this beautifull blue dress click HERE.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures and hopefully you will think about purchasing these two beautiful pieces. I was able to partner up with SheInside and a photographer I know to create these pictures.

I have many more things to show you so stay tuned!

Until next time,



Decided to style this amazing coat from (here). 
~Blue H&M lightweight sweater
~Black H&M leggings
~Timberland grey boots

I hope you all got some inspiration from this post.


Let me begin by saying Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already many things happened in 2015 that I can not wait to see all the other opportunities that will come my way in 2016. Not only do I officially graduate high school this year but I am already starting it on the right foot.
I'm usually not one to make big resolutions but my main focus this year is health. I am going to be at the gym 3 times a week, I will cut off carbonated drinks and I will start to focus more on fueling my body with delicious healthy foods. 
I also want to try out some form of detox tea. I have been looking into the Skinny Teatox website ( ) . Not only do I like their positive message about feeling good in your own skin but I also like the ingredients in the actual tea they sell. They also have a large variety of teas such as a mint flavor, chocolate energizer, evening teas and even teas for men!

I hope that by trying out these teas I will be able to start off my resolution on a good note. I think this will also motivate me to hit the gym and stay in better shape to see better results.

What are your resolutions for 2016? Do you want to try out detox teas too? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S stay tuned for a recap post about the last events I have done before 2015 ended.


You should all go follow @Sandcloudtowels. I have been an ambassador for this brand since last year and I can't even describe how happy it makes me to see the changes they make. 10% of profits goes to saving marine life. Not only does the company stand for something amazing but the community of people online is amazing. The water bottle i'm holding is the newest product on the site right now. So go give it a look and use "Val25" for 25% off your order.


Since February is quickly approaching, prom season is also following right behind. While I'd hate to stress anyone out about prom season. There is nothing to worry about, in fact, I am here to make the process easier for you.
I have recently partnered with .

Now before you all stop reading because you think the dresses won't look the same as they do in the picture or because you have had previous experience with shopping online for prom dresses. I am here to verify for you that this site is 100% safe and accurate.

With that said I also thought I would give you some inspiration on some of the new trends for dresses this season. The pictures below are pictures found on the site by girls who have purchased the style of dress.

This sleeveless, crystal and maroon combination is very popular right now because it's girly, sexy and easy to move around in.

2nd dress is a very classic yet chic dress for those of you that like sparkle but also want a more formal dress style.

The last dress is for those of you are more adventurous with style and like the gown style dress.

If you are interested in the store or even just prices don't hesitate to check out their site linked above or click on any of the pictures to take you directly there.


I had recently reached out to Kayokoko swimwear for a partnership collaboration and luckily the company was up for the opportunity. I had first heard of Kayokoko swimwear through social media. Specifically through their Instagram account. I was attracted by the colorful swimwear as well as the aesthetic of the page overall. I felt as if my photos on my social media correlated to those on Kayokoko’s page. My initial idea when contacting the company was to collaborate with them during spring break. Since I currently have a trip booked for Cancun, Mexico during spring break.

The variety of swimwear they have is amazingly pleasing. Most sites now only carry one style in 3 sizes for a short period of time. However, Kayokoko does not do that (thankfully). You can find any type of swimwear, from any bikini style:

designer :

To all types of one pieces:


The pictures I have selected come straight from their site:
The suits you see above are only 2 of the many many favorites I have on the site. If you’d like to see a post all about all my favorite suits from the site, let me know in the comments below.
In addition, I was saving the best for last ladies…
The entire site has FREE shipping. That’s right. FREE shipping. Which I know that if you are like me seeing the shipping total will either make or break a purchase but in this case it won’t affect it. Also this company has an incredible costumer service. If you happen to have any questions dealing with sizes, a certain suit or simply have a general question- their customer service is always available and happy to help.
You’ll notice this as soon as you are on their site ( that they have a contact us tab displayed on the main page at all times. So don’t be afraid to contact them because that’s what they are there for!


 I was lucky enough to be able to work with Pineal Vision Jewelry.  Brittany, the owner makes these beautiful handmade rings. She is currently working into making earrings and soon bracelets. What I love most about this small business is how everything is made here in the U.S. and it's also handmade. Make sure you give her a follow on social media @Pinealvisionjewelry. Brittany posts all new jewelry as well as gives you some behind the scenes on the process of constructing the jewelry pieces.

Make sure you check out her site and hopefully find yourself some rings to wear:


Photographer: Joey Jones (
Dress in collaboration with Cacique Boutique (


Since the whole detox trend became popular, the one product I always wanted to try out were the coffee scrubs. So many companies have found great business making coffee scrubs such as Frank Body who was one of the first companies to really bring the idea of coffee scrubs to the table. Lush is also a large company who uses natural ingredients to create their products. Skin Aura is a new company who got into the coffee scrub business as well. I was lucky enough to be contacted by them to try out their product.

On their site they actually only have 3 types of scrubs. There is 'The Original', 'Green Tea', and 'Coco Baby'. I personally picked out Coco Baby because the scrub reduces the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, acne scars, and redness.
I want to be as honest as possible with this review because if you're like me and have sensitive skin you really keep an eye out for the good and the bad. Let me tell you, this product is nothing but good. Not only is it soft and sturdy but the smell is fantastic. As soon as you open the packaging the fresh smell of brewed coffee surrounds you. Unfortunately, I do have to break it to all of you, it is pretty messy. At least for a first timer like me, I made a mess all over my bathroom. Just keep in mind not to grab too much product out of the bag and you'll be fine.

If you're interested in checking out their products go on their site:

I also can't forget the most important thing, PRICE! If you're like me and you've been wanting to try out the scrub for a while you'll know that there are so many different prices and package sizes that you really can't decide. But at Skin Aura it's only $17.99 for a quite large package that will last you a long time. Make sure to use valentina10 for a 10% discount on your total purchase (:

Make sure you go follow them on instagram @skin.aura and show them some love.


If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have been working with a jewelry company called Les Collections. These ladies run an Instagram business (@lescollections) and just recently opened up their own website. This is now my second package I have received from them, if you're interested to see the first set of necklaces I got go stalk my Instagram @valramm (shameless promo).

I wanted to make this post to show them more appreciation than before. Even though I made countless Instagram posts featuring their jewelry, I feel as if their brand needs more awareness. A bit of background on the company, they are based out of Spain ( how cool?!?). They are bilingual and some of the nicest people I have worked with. All of their jewelry consists of small details. Where it's a small gem, an anchor or a starfish everything is well made. Did I mention all of their jewelry is handmade? And for all for all you 90s trend fashionistas, most of the necklaces are chokers.

Make sure you go follow them on their Instagram and show them some much deserved love.


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