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I simply could not wait until tomorrow to talk about the great Alexander Wang. If you didn't know Alexander Wang and H&M teamed up for a sporty due. Therefore, why wouldn't I watch my two favorite things come together as one?? And just for everyone who is waiting for this partnership to come out in stores, the date is November 6th I believe.

I actually tuned in a couple minutes after yet I'm happy the show had not begun when it said it would. Gave me enough time to prepare myself for what I was about to watch!
I am so content with the idea of being able to watch it online, I definitely think more fashion shows should do this especially for those out of the country.

Anyways enough rambling! The actual fashion show was great and entertaining. The beginning of the show included acrobats doing all sorts of jumps and flips which certainly related to the sporty theme of it all. As the show began and models walked out I loved how the model's pace was in sync with the music. It made the show a lot more interesting to watch and made your eye wonder around the models even more.

Last but not least, right before the show started Alexander gave a few words on his opinion about working with H&M. He spoke nothing but good things and how excited he was, just some of the reason why I love him so much, such a humble and talented designer he is,

What's your favorite designer? Let me know in the comments below.
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NYFW in my eyes


Good afternoon lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about New York Fashion Week because I simply just can't handle with it being over. I have mentioned it in a couple posts before but today I wanted to talk about the two main shows that I was extremely excited to see. These include the Marc Jacobs show and the Angel Sanchez show. 
Marc Jacobs has always been my obsession when it comes to handbags and creative runway shows and of course Angel Sanchez because 1. fun fact: I am Venezuelan and 2. his designs inspire me on a whole other level. 

Marc Jacobs fall 2014
The Marc Jacobs show was probably my favorite out of all because of the simplistic and minimalist amount of makeup the models wore. In addition, the style of the clothes was very laid back and there were many staple pieces disguised as very chic clothing pieces.

Angel Sanchez- Beauty
 Going along with no makeup look from Marc Jacobs, Angel Sanchez also did this with his models. I believe this is the best way to show off of the clothes designed and show the true beauty of fashion.

Another thing I loved about the Angel Sanchez show was the deep cuts, pastel colors and the different types of fabrics used to enhance each piece. One of my favorite dresses is the one above, everything about it attracts me. From the deep V cut and the ivory white to the pale blue used on the shoulders.

Here is another example of the cuts and fabric patterns used which I loved.

Let me what your favorite designer or runways shows were your favorite in the comment below! Check out my last post to see an inspired fall outfit.

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Summer Tips


School is just around the corner and in my opinion it's crunch time. Everyone is making the best out of the last days, so I thought that these 10 tips would help everyone out.

1. Stretch daily: This is so important! Not only does it get your body going in the morning but it also wakes you up and makes you get up with a positive mind.
2. Drink lots of water: This task has been a problem for me for many years but I have now been good about it and I cannot express enough how good it makes you feel. So if you're like me and is not so good at drinking water, start small, drink at least 32 oz. and then slowly make your way up to 64 oz. a day.
3. Keep your space tidy: I am always moving around furniture in my room, in fact I just redesigned my whole room two days ago. However, keeping your work area clean as well as your bed is very important. Not only does it help to stay organize but having a clean space motivates you to do more things.
4. Enjoy the sunshine: Even if you don't live near the beach or you haven't been able to go anywhere, go outside for at least 30 minutes and soak up some vitamin C.
5. Wear clothes that make you happy: This tip may not seem like it's true but it really is! When you wear something you feel comfortable and happy in, your mood instantly changes.
6. Go to bed earlier:  I am very bad at this tip and can't seem to go to bed earlier than 10:30 but on the days that I do, you certain boost your energy for the next day and are well rested.
7. Read a book: I am a book worm so this is not very hard for me to do, but for those who don't like to read start off with something simply and with a topic you want to know more about and I am positive you will become a book addict.
8. Go on a walk or bike ride: Any type of exercise throughout the year can help reduce stress and make you solve things on a more complex level.
9. Avoid processed foods: Try out any diets that interest you, of course nothing extreme but cutting something from your everyday diet like too many sweets can impact your health greatly.
10. Stop dwelling on the negative: Keep a positive mind no matter what the circumstances are because in the end everything will work out.

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